nic d'amore
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stephen d'amore
children jack wyatt
ava celeste
etc leo / gryffindor / entp Nicolas Joseph Tyndall D’Amore (known professionally as Nicolas D’Amore, born 23 July 1989) is an English actor. He is best known as Tony Stonem, the antagonist and later anti-hero of the first two seasons of E4’s popular teen drama Skins. He later played Count Vronsky in Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina (2012), the love interest of the titular character. In 2017 he won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor and was nominated for a BATA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his performance as Ray Marcus in Nocturnal Animals (2016). In 2018 he will star as Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars anthology film focusing on the character’s origins.

Early Life
D’Amore was born in Hammersmith, London to Catherine Tyndall and Stephen D’Amore. He has two sisters. Through his mother he is related to the Tyndall family - an acting family that has spanned four generations, beginning with actor-manager James Royston Tyndall (1899-1968). His mother is an Academy and BATA award-winning actress and screenwriter and his father is an actor, theatre director and playwright. D’Amore attended The Dragon School in Oxford before moving on to Bryanston School in Dorset. D’Amore had a difficult time at school and was a victim of bullying, due to being overweight, having poor grades, and difficulty understanding his course work. He intended to continue his education and go to university, but decided to pursue his career instead. He has expressed some regret at not attending university, but D’Amore has admitted that he “wasn’t the best student” and that he “would’ve felt inadequate” compared to other students. He was a member of the National Youth Theatre.

While attending school D’Amore was cast in his breakout role as Tony Stonem on Skins. He originally auditioned for the role of fun-loving partyboy Chris Miles, but was chosen instead for the role of the manipulative villain of the series. Like much of the original cast, D’Amore only stayed on for the first two seasons. He appeared in an episode of Wallander in 2008, but made his film debut as John Lennon in Sam Taylor-Wood’s Nowhere Boy (2009), acting alongside Anne-Marie Duff. He was praised for his performance and received the Empire Award for Best Newcomer. He then appeared as a last minute replacement in A Single Man (2009), Tom Ford’s directoral debut. The actor originally hired to play the role of Kenny Potter had dropped out of the project unexpectedly and D’Amore, the director’s second-choice, was hired. It was the first of two projects that Ford and D’Amore would collaborate on, the second being 2016’s Nocturnal Animals.

D’Amore’s career continued with a string of romantic roles in period films, including Cemetery Junction, Anna Karenina, and Belle. In 2013 he starred alongside Charlize Theron in Dark Places, based on the novel by Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl. He reunited with Ford in 2016 for Nocturnal Animals.

It was reported as early as March 2016 that D’Amore was auditioning for the role of Han Solo in the upcoming spin-off to the Star Wars film series. Following a series of screen tests, it was announced that May that D’Amore had won the role. Filming is expected to begin in February 2017.

Personal Life
D'Amore was married to Lydia Harlow in July 2013. He has two children, twins Jack Wyatt and Ava Celeste, born in February 2015. He has been involved with the Trevor Project since 2014.
films (2018) untitled han solo anthology film (pre-production) ... han solo (2016) nocturnal animals ... ray marcus (2015) dark places ... lyle wirth (2014) the signal ... jonah (2013) belle ... john davinier (2012) anna karenina ... count vronsky (2010) cemetery junction ... freddie (2009) a single man ... kenny potter (2009) nowhere boy ... john lennon
misc. information
► is a member of the tyndall acting family. the patriarch, sir james royston tyndall (nic's great-grandfather) was an actor-manager and contemporary of sirs laurence olivier and donald wolfit. every generation since has been involved in theatre or film.

► was overweight as a child and struggled with dyslexia. he frequently found himself the victim of bullying at school.

► has a private instagram but otherwise is not active on social media.

► will not share publicly, but is a recovering drug and alcohol addict, and has relapsed since first attempting sobriety in 2013.

► is a smoker.

huge horror fan. loves scary films and shows of all types, especially with a good mix of humor (shaun of the dead and what we do in the shadows being among his favourites)

► loves sci-fi and fantasy. a big harry potter, lord of the rings, and star wars fan (and is openly ecstatic to be playing han solo)

► has a small collection of tattoos: a tree on his right ribs, the coordinates of his childhood home on his left ribs, as well as the names of his wife and children on his back.

► a music fan in general, nic adores the classics: janis, the beatles, the stones, bowie, prince, the boss, and the man in black all hold a special place in his heart.
media perception / career
To fans of the glamour of Old Hollywood or the bloodline snobs who put lineage above all else, Nic D’Amore is a treasure; he’s a charismatic, engaging, approachable link to the acting powerhouses of the past, the stage legends that dominated the West End. To most critics, he’s a benefactor of a kind of nepotism that acting circles are far too full of - Nic is the youngest of four generations of actors, and without ever gracing the stage of genuine production or cutting his teeth at a drama school, he landed a top-billing role on a hit teen television series.

He gained a vocal teen following after his work on Skins, which followed him and grew after appearing in Anna Karenina. With the exception of the pulses of interest from young fans on the internet, critics praised his performances in successful but quiet films, however his career failed to really take off in the way his contemporaries did - he was never cast in a blockbuster ensemble, never stole a scene as a superhero or a wizard or a knight- in fact, before 2016, the culmination of his entire career had only ever been a simmer under the radar, never quite breaking the surface.

Nic had never been as popular as when the rumors that he was being considered for Han Solo in the upcoming anthology film began to circulate. His actual casting - as well as the recent award recognition for his role in Nocturnal Animals, has very quickly and suddenly put Nic in a completely new place - front and center of the media attention.